Follow this page to see what pieces I’ve had published! Obviously some clients, especially if I’m ghostwriting, will not allow me to share under my name, but I will share what blogs, articles, and reviews I can.

Contributing writer for FOCUS Middle Tennessee:

Evan + Zane

Janelle Monae Gifts Nashville Audiences

Here are a few of my published book reviews:

“The Sword Swallower and the Chico Kid” is an Excellent Tale of Friendship and Addiction

New Novel ‘The Different Kinds of Monsters’ Falls Short

Here is a sample of my writing from The Reflector at Mississippi State. I wrote for the Lifestyle and Opinion sections:

Cultural Exchange Offers Valuable Experience for Students

New Autism Definition Broadens Diagnosis

Professors, Paintbrushes: A Gallery Review

Superheroes Resonate with the Downtrodden