GK Gurley is a freelance proofreader. To contact her directly for any questions, concerns, or jobs, enter your information under the contact tab.

What is a Proofreader?

As a Proofreader, I am the last line of defense before someone’s book/blog/website/etc. hits readers. I make corrections to grammar or word usage. Proofreading is not the same as editing, so if that is the service you need, indicate EDITOR in your message on the Contact tab.

Services I offer:

Manuscript, resume, online content and blog posts, marketing tools, technical writing

What are your rates?

It depends on what services you require. For Proofreading, I charge $30 per hour (about $3.00 per page). For Freelance Writing, I am willing to negotiate depending on whether you need part- or full-time, pay per project or pay per hour. Roughly, my rates per hour are $40. Again, contact me, and we can work out a contract specifically for what you require.