I Produced a Pride Comedy Show that Sold Out without Selling Out

I’ve been M.I.A., I know. The past two months have been filled with producing, supporting, and performing with local comedy.

This Pride season, I produced, hosted, and performed in my second Pride show called All Pride, No Prejudice that benefits The Trevor Project. I’m lucky to be a part of the Third Coast Comedy Club family, their support made the show possible!


Pride season can be discouraging sometimes because corporations and businesses come out of the woodwork to profit off of rainbow culture. These big businesses don’t care about our issues and welfare all year, they just take one month to market to us and try to make extra money. Walking around Nashville Pride, I was discouraged at how corporate OUR celebration was. I want local queer vendors, businesses, and artists booths, not State Farm handing out rainbow fanny packs after you give them your email address.

My co-producer, our performers, and I want to see local queer talent on highlight, and that’s where this show came from. Last year, we started with a vision to create a safe, inclusive space and to put queer performers in the majority. Our first show last year was a fun trial run compared to the All Pride Show this year!

Our show sold out! All of our performers did short sets for free since it was a benefit show. A local artist made buttons for us to sell. We had stand-up, drag, improv, sketch, and a pole performance, all from local performers. Every performer brought their A-game, and I feel refreshed and encouraged by the audience response to the show. I’m friends with all of the people associated with the show, so not only were there quality performances, but there was also a familial and supportive feel to the whole production. I’m so blessed and grateful.

This is what Pride Month should be about: local queer artists and performers creating an accessible, safe, and inviting place for queer people and allies. All of us at Third Coast are hoping to carry this momentum into providing queer-specific shows and content moving forward. Third Coast is and has always been queer-inclusive, we are just trying to add specific shows, workshops, and content for the LGBTQIA community.

If you’re interested in current shows on the calendar at Third Coast, check here.

If you think learning improv or stand-up sounds fun, you’re right, it is! We offer classes, check those out here.

Support local queer comedy, wherever you are!

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